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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions that have been given to us by our Consumer Affairs department. If you have questions that have not been answered here, please feel free to contact us.

Westbrae Canned Foods
Westbrae Miso
Westbrae Catsups

Westbrae Canned Foods

Q: Why is the liquid in canned beans thick and gelatinous?

A: The liquid is protein leaching from the beans. It does not affect taste or quality, and can be rinsed off, if desired.

Q: Westbrae Natural cans have a clear coating on the inside -- what is that made of?

A: It is a type of food grade epoxy -- it's the simplest earth friendly coating available.

Q: Are Westbrae Natural cans recyclable, even if they don't have the small symbol on the label? (It seems some cans show the symbol and some do not).

A: Yes! All of Westbrae Natural cans are recyclable and lead-free.

Westbrae Miso

Q: Since miso is made from soybeans, are there isoflavones in the miso soups?

A: Some of the miso products we have had analyzed for isoflavones per serving are the following:
White Instant Miso Soup 8.5 mg
Red Instant Miso Soup 10 mg
Soy Miso Bags 4.4 mg
Red Miso 3.3 mg

Westbrae Catsups

Q: Does Westbrae Natural use iodine in catsups?

A: No. Such an ingredient would have been clearly listed in the ingredients.

Q: Is their lycopene in the catsups?

A: Lycopene is one of the family of pigments called cartenoids, which occur naturally in fruits and vegetables. In this case, it is what gives tomatoes their red color! We do not typically test for the lycopene value but we know that one serving size, a tablespoon, has about 2.7 mg.


Q: Do the words natural flavors in the ingredient listing mean that animal products may be used?

A: Absolutley not! Westbrae Natural does not use any animal products except for cream powder and butter in soups and it would be clearly listed in the ingredients. (Most vegetarians do not avoid those dairy products). Our soups, as well as other products, are vegetarian...natural flavors usually refer to our "secret" flavor ingredients!

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