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UNIONDALE, NEW YORK (October 8, 2001) -- Westbrae Natural®, the leading brand of canned beans in natural foods, is introducing beans in a convenient 25 oz can at Natural Products Expo East in Washington, D.C. Westbrae Natural will be unveiling 4 skus: Black Beans, Garbanzo Beans, Kidney Beans and Pinto Beans. They are the perfect size for consumers using beans as a foundation for nutritious vegetarian meals and families who appreciate the convenience and value of the larger size.

The new 25 oz beans will be launched in the new Westbrae Natural packaging design. The new Westbrae Natural look will maintain the equity of the current logo while incorporating a field illustration to enforce the natural equity. The eye catching package design will strengthen appetite appeal, communicate a more premium image and further support the vegetarian positioning. In addition, the packaging will clearly identify product benefits and contain recipes to assist consumers in creating delicious and nutritious vegetarian meals.

Westbrae Natural is the only brand to feature the Vegetarian Diet Pyramid on its labels. The 25 oz beans will include the Vegetarian Diet Pyramid on labels as a consumer-friendly tool to help consumers learn how to transition to a vegetarian diet.

These new larger size beans will be available 12/01/01. Westbrae Natural offers a wide variety of natural vegetarian foods including beans, soups, vegetables, pastas, condiments, cookies and Japanese products.

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