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Westbrae Natural Pastas are long-time favorites of natural product consumers. We earned that loyalty by consistently producing great noodles -- organic whole wheat and spinach lasagnas, organic whole wheat and spinach spaghettis, and corn angel hair. The taste of Italy is in every package, but more importantly, the ingredients are simple and pure.

In our lasagnas and spaghettis, we use 100% whole grain durum wheat flour because neither the wheat germ nor the bran has been removed. This makes these pastas an excellent source of fiber with lots of protein. It also creates a full nutty flavor reminiscent of whole grain bread. And for the hint of spinach in appearance and taste, nothing beats a serving of our spinach lasagna or spaghetti!

Those looking for a wheat alternative will appreciate our flavorful corn angel hair pasta, a satisfying dish to be prepared in a variety of ways. Its smooth gluten-free texture holds up when cooked and tastes great just with a pat of butter. But why not be adventurous - we've got easy recipes for you to try!

Remember, all of our pastas are vegetarian and can help you to transition toward a vegetarian lifestyle with meals centered around vegetables, whole grains and beans.

Whole Wheat Spaghetti
Spinach Spaghetti
Whole Wheat Lasagna
Corn Angel Hair Pasta

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