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Eat your way to a better world! You can help reduce your carbon footprint by simply swapping out beef for beans. At Westbrae Natural®, we are looking to do our part by being a proud supporter of local organizations dedicated to fighting climate change and enhancing food security.
Climate Change
Beans are a proven substitute for beef that could potentially reduce CO2 levels by 46 to 74% in the US.
Climatic Change (2017) 143:261–270
Sustainable Diet
Making a personal dietary shift away from animal products could lead to decreases in deforestation, biodiversity loss, etc.
Environ Commun. 2020 : 1–20
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Human & Environmental Health
Protein is an important part of good health in the US diet, but plant-based protein options are more sustainable.
Nutr Rev. 2019 Apr; 77(4): 197–215
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